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KBKA collaborate with local schools, community groups and business to raise awareness of the importance of honeybees to our environment, society and the economy. We provide information about the decline of the honeybee, the need for good beekeepers and guidance on positive ecological steps we can take to encourage bees in our gardens from a small balcony to a larger garden. We provide advice on the type of plants that are a nectar rich food source for bees through each season.

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We participate in a number of local events through the year – festivals, fairs and fetes to reach a wide and diverse audience to showcase and educate in an interesting and captivating way the value of the honeybee to our society from the fascinating world inside the bee colony to the environmental and economic impact if bee colonies declined.


Excellent care of our bees and responsible ownership is core to our beekeeping principals at the Surrey Beekeepers Association. Our apiaries are not just to harvest honey, we ensure our bees play a role in the biodiversity of their locality and their presence is long term and sustainable.

Good beekeepers are those who seek to continually improve on their knowledge and skills using a variety of mediums; extensive reading, attendance at weekly Association meetings, continuing training with the BBKA and attendance at seminars and conferences.  We are very proud that our members continue to actively take part in these activities and engage with others to improve their knowledge.  In turn our beekeepers pass on their skills to new beekeepers and other interested parties within our communities and wider audience.

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We know the importance of working together with the bees to prevent them from becoming stressed, limiting intervention whilst ensuring they are healthy and free of bacteria and disease.  If we need to replace the queen we avoid importing queens from abroad, we prefer to undertake our own queen rearing programmes or use UK breeders with good provenance.

Conservation is integral to our beekeeping – honey is the bees’ food and contains everything they need to stay healthy – by managing the careful use of their resource always ensuring the bees have sufficient honey to over winter and plentiful supply of nectar and pollen on which to forage throughout the seasons, we help the bees to play an essential role in the rich diversity of the environment where our bees have a home and a sustainable future.

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