Can I keep bees?

Very  popular one day course

Think you want to be a Beekeeper?

Want to try it out before you make a commitment?

Well you now can . . .

When . . .

Sunday 5th June 2016 from 10.00am to 4.00pm

An informative one day course, giving you a taste of what is involved in being a Beekeeper, covering the practical aspects of beekeeping, including talks and the handling of bees. Numbers will be limited in order to provide a personal, high quality course.

Cost : £60.00 

The next course will be run in June 2017


We continue to provide our one day ‘Taster’ courses for potential beekeepers to experience ‘a light touch’ insight to the complexities, joys and frustrations of keeping bees. The programme includes an introduction to our club and our bees, health & safety, demo of hive parts, hygiene, flaming of boxes, disease, varroa, swarm control, making frames, lighting a ‘smoker’, and of course opening and handling a hive to identify workers, drones and the all-important Queen. The order of events is always weather dependent and temperament of the bees. We faced a challenge with our bees in 2015 but never to be deterred we worked around the potential issues and delivered two very successful oneday courses – with a number of the delegates now signed up to the 2016 Beginners Course, it’s clear these courses help people to come to terms with their potential abilities (some of our students really don’t like the bees close up or find the various elements of beekeeping daunting and would never know this without the one day course, whilst others are naturals). We cannot deliver these courses and training without the assistance of our membership – looking ahead, if you would like to take part in 2016 courses please register your interest with one of the committee members.