An introduction to basic Beekeeping

1) Theory Course – Course for 2016 is now full

A series of 8 weekly evening classroom based winter lectures. Covers the basic theory and equipment required, the life cycle of the honeybee and the work involved over the beekeeping season and a lot more. Start date Monday 11 January 2016. Venue Esher college, 7-9pm, half term break expected 15 February. If spaces available course can be booked separately for anyone with a general interest in bees.

2) Practical Course – Course for 2016 is now full

Covering all aspects of good practise beekeeping husbandry, including handling of bees and hive management, the basic topics of hygiene, handling a hive tool, lighting a smoker and opening a hive. However, we do expect members to come the whole season to experience a complete cycle in looking after bees and an extraction and how to prepare colonies for the winter.

Advice and assistance to buy a hive and queen and set up own colony.
An introduction to the beekeeper’s examinations (optional).
Start date Saturday 16 April 2016 Venue Hampton Court Apiary, 2-4pm

On completion of the structured part, Members are entitled to attend Apiary on Saturday afternoons & assist with general running of Apiary, involving an entire seasons beekeeping.


1) Book both parts and become an Associate member of Kingston Beekeepers – cost £120 (+ £21* if you require monthly BeeCraft) magazine.

2) If you know you are going to get your own bees next year (after the course) book both parts and become a Full Registered member now for total of £163. This also enrols you with British Beekeeping Association (BBKA), Surrey Beekeepers Association (SBKA), insurance on your first 3 hives, monthly BBKA News, monthly BeeCraft* magazine and invitations to various educational and social events.

3) Book Theory part only for £50

4) If you are an existing KBKA member total cost for both parts will be £100

* Discount of £6pa for digital version of BeeCraft.

Please note that we are at capacity on our club apiary site and if you get your own bees/hive(s) it will be down to you to find a suitable site – we can advise. That is not to say that KBKA might not find suitable site(s) in the future but don’t rely on it.

To book your place please fill in the attached form and make the appropriate payment as outlined above. Also tell us a little about yourself, especially if you have had any experience with beekeeping before and whether it is your intention to keep bees at home.

If you have any queries please email.

Hampton Court Apiary
Hampton Court Way Allotments
East Molesey