Welcome to Kingston Beekeepers Association

Our apiary is located in Thames Ditton, Surrey. During the main season (April to September) we meet every Saturday afternoon from about 2 pm to examine our hives and swap beekeeping ideas and thoughts with other members. Visitors are always welcome but please email first:

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We welcome experienced and new beekeepers alike and we look to experienced beekeepers to join our club to share their knowledge and take an active part in our activities. We are essentially a teaching apiary and take a pride in preparing newcomers for the fascinating, rewarding yet demanding pastime of beekeeping. All beekeepers must be properly trained before handling our bees and obviously should be proficient before looking after their own bees, especially in the urban/suburban environment.

Each winter we run an 8 weekday evening classroom based theory course followed by 8 Saturday afternoon practical sessions in our apiary in the Spring.

We also have “taster days” entitled “Can I Keep Bees” so that aspiring beekeepers can find out if it is a hobby that suits them and then go on to a full training course.

We do keep spare bee suits for anyone curious about the busy world of the honey bee.

Special events include the Surrey Bee Day, held in March, the BBKA Spring Convention, Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire in April, the National Honey Show held in October in Weybridge, Surrey, and various lectures and educational events. We also have one or more extraction days, where we reap the rewards of all the bees’ efforts and a little bit of the beekeepers’ efforts

Members receive the following:

  • Bee Craft magazine each month
  • BBKA newsletters
  • KBKA BeeNews
  • Product liability insurance
  • Bee Disease Insurance
  • National representation from the British Beekeepers Association
  • Lots of training, help and advice from a friendly local club


Kingston Beekeepers are a division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association and are affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA.)

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